The Source of Life | Xiaoliangshan Nosu Yi Language Animated Film

Produced in 2016 | Running Time: 13 min
People Group: Shengzha Nosu Yi
Language: Xiaoliangshan Nosu Yi
Country: China
Produced by: Create International

Our story follows a poor man who struggles with alcoholism and his drug-addicted brother who fights with him during the traditional Yi Torch Festival. Running away in shame, he meets a former bimo who has found the source of life, Yesu, the son of God. He listens to this good news as the gospel story visually unfolds in his imagination.

The Shengzha Nosu Yi of Sichuan, China, were once vicious warriors and slave owners, the last people group to come under Chinese rule in 1956. They have their own religion known as Bimoism. Very few Nosu believe in Jesus.

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