The Savior – 4. Sowing the Word – Pashto Language Film

People Group: Pashto / Pashtun
Language: Central Pashto / Northern Pashto
Country: Afghanistan / Pakistan
Produced by TheSaviorFilm www.thesavior.info
Usually when a farmer goes out to plant his precious seed he makes sure the soil is ready to receive the seed so he will have a bountiful crop. In this parable Jesus tells it seems the sower of the seed scatters it liberally over all types of ground: rocky ground, thorny weeds, by the busy roadside, and in some patches of good soil. Obviously this sower knows that not all seed is going to produce a crop and some won’t produce anything at all. So, what is he saying. First we have to identify the sower and the seed. Since Jesus is telling the story he’s obviously referring to himself as the Sower. The seed is God’s TRUTH. Ah, yes, and what do the four types of ground represent? The parable is aimed at our lives, our humanity, our hearts.

4 – لکه بزګر

کله بزګر کروندې ته ځي چې خپل ګران تخمونه وکري، نو هغه لومړی ځان ډاډه کوي چې ایا دا ځمکه د کر لپاره چمتو ده ، چې دانې په ځان کې ومني تر څو ښه او ډیر حاصل وکا.

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